A Word From The President


I will not try to impress you with words, such as:  EXPERT, PROFESSIONAL, SPECIALIST for the simple reason that when you hire and place your trust in a firm, it is the least you are entitled to.

In Québec, the increasing problems tied to foundations and structures are very unsettling and troubling.  Far from being as complex as nuclear fusion, we must nevertheless deal with and analyse all problems to find the best solution at a fair price.

With our winning attitude, our devotion and our engagement, we are your best allies.

As time went by, I personally handpicked my employees with the necessary knowledge to represent me.  I have formed teams who will meet your expectations with dedication, enthusiasm and the will to go the extra mile to achieve excellency.  With high standards our employees hold and transmit proudly these words:  ENGAGEMENT, RESPECT AND INTEGRITY to guaranty you unequalled quality work.

Since then, the Enterprise has never ceased growing, reaching a high level of maturity. All the expertise acquired and the dedication of our teams have allowed the development of new products, new procedures and continued innovation to ensure high range works at the right price.

We are fully conscious that this is only part of our success because the other part is our clientele, people who trust us, who have been faithful for decades and who proudly refer us to their friends and family. We cherish this relation, respect it and take good care of it.

Join us, go from uncertainty to certainty, the best has yet to come.
Bernard Schinck