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Raising And Moving Structures or Buildings

Raising And Moving Structures or Buildings

Are you having problems with your structure, flooding problem, or would you like to resituate your house to improve and increase its value?
You will have to choose in consequence the contractor who will meet your needs, but also who will be able to conceive your vision and make it come true.

Repair And Refection of Foundation

Repair And Refection of Foundation

Your foundation frays, problems with the foundation, major repairs in sight?
Finding the best Team to do the job will be the most important decision you will have to take.

Support Of Structure For Decontamination

Stabilisation And Straightening on Steel Piles

Your house is moving? Doors are not closing properly; windows are always sticking? Your interior walls are cracking, or even your brick on your outside wall is cracking? You may be in need of stabilisation piles or straitening your house on steel piles.

support building decontamination

Support Of Building For Decontamination

You must decontaminate the ground beneath your house. No matter the reason, a family member suffers of respiratory problems, fuel odours are present or you have received a troubling soil test, you will not be alone in this hardship.

Excavation Works And Foundation Underpinning

Excavation Works And Foundation Underpinning

In the past, houses were built without full size basement. These crawl spaces allow the penetration of humidity and don’t meet with today’s needs. The excavation of the basement is possible without leverage of the house by using underpinning, which is building foundations under the existing foundation

Strengthening And Enhancement of Structure

An inspection report shows damage to the structure, or extension works are in order?

Renovations in mind, or maybe a second floor addition?