Raising And Moving Structures or Buildings

Are you having problems with your structure?  Flooding problems? Do you wish to relocate your house to improve and increase its value?  If so, it will be important that you choose a contractor who will meet your needs and will also be capable of conceiving your vision and making it come true.

Our Enterprise was first in Québec to use the Unifier Leverage System with hydraulic cylinder.  We are dedicated to our clients, constantly seeking new technology in order to maximise services and products at fair price.

Should the moving require truck transport, our teams of experts will take charge of the logistics of the task; verification with Hydro Québec, Bell etc.; obtaining all needed permits, authorisations, transport escorts, etc., in order to ensure full security during the move.

Not only will our qualified team of dynamic professionals relieve you from all worries, you will also benefit from our cutting-edge equipment.